[BREEZE} aquafit is a special aquatic trainer, which magic lies in the possibility to do sport and to cherish the body simultaneously. Three-in-one – water, bike, hydromassage. When you cycle in water, 18 hydromassage jets and 16 water jets are massaging the body problem areas and the Chrome Color Light creates a relaxing environment.

3 in 1 – water, bicycle, hidromassage.


– Efficiently burns calories – Up to 900 kcal
– Effectively fights orange peel
– Actively enhances blood flow and heart function
– Decreases pain in joints
– Tones the skin
– Reduce water retention
– Improves lymph drainage
– Improves sleep and immune system


Lady’s favorite fitness!

“When exercising in water, the increased resistance created by the water builds up endurance. In addition, the current generated by the jets has a real draining effect on fat and skin excess. Cycling in water is the best form of draining that exists to date. The strengthening of the venous and lymphatic networks has remarkable results in combatting water retention and reducing weight ans excess fat.”


Doctor P. Blanchemaison.


he specialist in circulatory disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Why [BREEZE} aquafit trainer?



It is an individual Jacuzzi with integrated pedal system that uses hydraulic resistance, providing three key benefits:benefits aqua bike

Water cycling improves cardiovascular endurance, slowing the heart rate, increasing the lung capacity and revitalizing.

  • Training in water and massaging effect by the water jets are reducing orange peel effect, smooth the skin, strengthen veins, massage the muscles, improve posture, shape and well-being.
  • Cycling in water and water jet massage burns calories faster than the traditional cycling.
  • Water cycling improves cardiovascular endurance, slowing the heart rate, increasing the lung capacity and revitalizing.




We provide privacy and quiet atmosphere during the procedure, because each trainer is located in a separate room.
During the sports activities there is an opportunity to watch TV or favourite series, listen to music or an audiobook. Good sound is ensured by means of Bluetooth headset.
If you have the desire to do sport together with someone, there is a movable wall between the trainers that can be opened and you can spend the training in good company.

Treatment complext for weight loss

Fast and easy


The aquabike training provides the significantly lower physical load as the body in constant contact with water. This allows achieving a significant weight reduction within a short time and maintaining better shape with significantly less effort.
Due to the fact that [B R E E Z E} aquatic trainer requires less physical fitness, it is available for older people and after rehabilitation, as well as for pregnant women.
Your upper body stays dry during the training, so you do not need shower after it and can save your time, but despite this fact, each room is equipped with showers for your convenience.

Treatment complext for weight loss



We have made a detailed study in order to find a top quality, functional and aesthetic aquatic trainer. This trainer is produced in France, passed a number of tests. The location of the jets is very significant, as they should be absolutely symmetrical. Trainer does not have doors, it allows not only locating the water jets in the side areas, but also saving your time, because you do not need to wait until the bath fills with water.
Aquabike is equipped with a monitor, where you can adjust the intensity as well as use the virtual coaching. The bath is filled individually for each client, we do not use any chemistry, observe the eco-cleaning process.
There is an opportunity to choose the Chrome Color Light according to your mood and atmosphere.


SUBSCRIPTION FOR 6 MONTHS (8 sessions./month.) – 139.99.00 EUR/monthly payment (17.50 EUR/session.) CONDITIONS
SUBSCRIPTION FOR 3 MONTHS (8 sessions./month.) – 119.99.00 EUR/monthly payment (15.00 EUR/session.) CONDITIONS
1 session 24.00 EUR
Intro 2 sessions for new clients 34.00 EUR
Subscription for 6 sessions (valid for 2 months*) 135.00 EUR (20.83 EUR/session)
Subscription for 6 sessions ( 10:00 – 16:00 *) 110.00 EUR (18.33 EUR/session)
Subscription for 12 sessions (valid for 3 months*) 245.00 EUR (20.25 EUR/session)
Subscription for 20 sessions (valid for 6 months.*) 367.00 EUR (18.35 EUR/session)
Morning session + smoothy (8:00 – 10:00) 20.00 Eur (only in Riga)
Session for 2 people 36.00 Eur
CLUB MEMBERS: 60.00 EUR/month**
no 10.00 – 16.00 working days only 9.00 EUR
other time 11.00 EUR


1 session 30.00 EUR
Subscription for 6 sessions (valid for 2 months*) 165.00 EUR (27.50 EUR/session)
Subscription for 12 sessions (valid for 3 months*) 300.00 EUR (25.00 EUR/session)
Subscription for 20 sessions (valid for 6 months*) 450.00 EUR (22.50 EUR/session)
CLUB MEMBERS: 60.00 EUR/month*
no 10.00 – 16.00 working days only 11.00 EUR
other time 13.00 EUR


Unlimited subscription 3 months 30 sessions* 410.00 EUR (18.00 EUR/session)
Unlimited subscription 6 months 45 sessions* 550.00 EUR (17.00 EUR/session)


Burned Kcal in 30 minutes

Please, cancel your session 2h in advance!